Love Me Some Paneling

As a professed lover of white and neutral decor, it’s a challenge to figure out how to add sufficient flavor to a space. I shy away from very bold artwork or paint color, for instance, but I don’t want a space that looks bland and boring either. Paneling has the ability to keep the integrity of a color palette by both blending in, and making a statement, simultaneously. Paneling makes an otherwise drab, unadorned wall instantly have dimension, elegance, and drama. The symmetry of the pattern, the clean lines, I love it all.

What’s your take?

Image credits: Emily Jenkins FollowillArchitectural Digest, House BeautifulBHG, House Beautiful, Julie Charbonneau, Tom Leighton, unknown, D HomeHouse to Home



  1. i am in love with the yellow paneling! it is such a cheerful statement and something i would never think i would love (but i do!!)

  2. I used to hate anything white on the walls because it looked boring, but now everything looks so much more brighter and cleaner!

  3. I have been contemplating adding some paneling detail to our home. It used to see so dated (you know, when I was young and didn’t know any better), but it adds such a sophistication and, of course, architectural interest to just about any room. Gorgeous roundup.

    And thanks for the kind words on the blog! Glad you found me! ox

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      So glad you like these images! If you’re considering, I would say definitely go ahead and add away! It really does add a sense of sophistication. Thanks for the comment!

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