Remote Access: How NOT to lose the remote control

There you are, ready to sink into your couch cushions and melt away into the fantastical world of television when you realize- you can’t find the remote. Irritated, you will naturally begin by checking the couch, in between all the cushions. Next you will double over, craning your neck to look underneath the couch, scouring the floor. Still not finding it, you will stand up, venture over the TV, and start patting around, though you never keep the remote there.

Now you’re officially on the hunt. You make a brief survey of the surrounding rooms- kitchen counters, the bathroom (the bathroom, really?). Suddenly, you know what happened to the remote. That other person you live with did something with it. That other person. “OTHER PERSON,” you bellow, “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE REMOTE?”

As we learned with keys, the best, and sometimes only way, to keep track of small objects is to always keep them in the same place. Always. Same Place.

Here are a few ideas for TV remote keepers:

Trays are a fantastic way to keep things neat. Simply place a tray on your coffee table/ ottoman and consider that your remote’s permanent home. You can also keep other items you like to use in that area, such as a couple of books, note pad, etc on your tray.

A small bin, basket, cup or canister can serve as the perfect remote keeper. Simple, obvious, done. This option is a great one for you DIY-ers, as you can easily repurpose practically any container into a lovely little remote control holder. Even a vase would do the trick.

A small box can also be used for remote storage. Choose one that fits your taste, from an unadorned wooden box, to a repurposed cigar box.

Finally, for the seriously lazy, or seriously TV- obsessed, a remote control pocket which slips over the arm of your chair or couch will ensure the remote stays within arm’s reach.

It matters much less what you use to keep your controller than the fact that you have a place where the remote clearly and permanently gets put. Always replace the remote after watching TV, and it will always be there waiting for you when you return for more viewing.

Image credits: Glitter GuideHome made simple BHG, Martha Stewart, BHG  Carly of The Simple Things, unknown IKEA



  1. My husband and I were ALWAYS losing the remote (even found it in the fridge once), until I bought a coffee table tray a couple months ago. It corrals all three (seriously, who needs three remotes!?) AND we’ve managed to keep a spare lighter there. Because one is always in need of a lighter, even if one does not smoke.

    PS, came across your blog yesterday and it’s AWESOME! I’m so inspired to pick up my crap :)

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      Great comment, Casey! Nice to hear these solutions work for people in real life ha. Thanks for the compliment, happy I can inspire you!

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