Nail Polish, Polished

Nail polish has really been having a moment lately (for the unforeseeable past and future). And it’s little wonder why: the neat packaging, the infinite shades, the devilishly clever little names, these little jars of varnish are almost impossible to resist. It’s becomes a somewhat secret shared passion for women to build and cultivate a nail paint library of their own. Now, when the manicure is more ubiquitous than ever, your nail polish collection says more about you than your shoes.

For seemingly harmlessly miniscule objects, nail polishes can easily clutter up drawers, bathrooms, dresser tops. When your collection expands from two colors to twenty, you’ve suddenly got a sizable entity to keep organized. What to do? First, comb through your paints and toss out any that have reached that gloopy, thick, old stage. You know what I mean.

Next, try one of these techniques:

Purchase an organizer made for the express purpose of housing your polish. This one has individual compartments for each jar,

while the product below has space for a few. It also has an adhesive pad which allows you to affix and mount the pods to any hard surface, such as onto the inside of door of your medicine cabinet.

For easy access to your wide range of colors, this product has two tiers, and it rotates.

For a creative storage solution, try using a spice rack to hold your digit paints.

Keeping polish in a large container, glass jar, etc, can look quite chic, though it’s not exactly the most practical when it comes to accessibility.

Finally, the tried and true drawer divider. My personal favorite. A no-fail.

Image credits: Pshiiit, The Container Store, Organize-it, PB Teen, Liz Marie Blog, The Coveteur, Fabulous K, Atlantic-Pacific, Glitter GuideStyleseeking Zurich



  1. Great ideas, thank you for sharing!
    I keep mine in a pretty flower pot.

  2. I love the idea of putting them in a spice rack and flower pot from Carolina :)


  3. the last one is perfect!! love it!

  4. You’re blog is SO cool!

  5. Pearl Girl says:

    I love the two-tiered organizer and would like to know where to purchase one. I did click on your links, but couldn’t find this one. Would you let me know where I can run out and buy this “turner” today? :) I just discovered your site, and Simply can’t thank you enough for the information on this item. You’re living up to your mission statement to help others live with simplicity. Cheers!

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