Closet Week Day 5: Maintain

This week we’ve worked through each phase of getting your closet organized (Clear Out and ClassifyDesignate and DistributeSurvey the SavedReplace and Arrange).

The not-so-good news is that even the most well-ordered closet will not maintain itself.

In the course of just one day, things get misplaced and strewn around as we dress ourselves. While you may want to believe in the moment that a few shirts are out place are small potatoes, you know that actually this daily cluttering can easily escalate into a full-fledged disaster.

Regular maintenance is mandatory.

You read that? Regular maintenance is mandatory!

Short-term maintenance: Commit to getting your closet back to its organized status nightly or weekly. I often find that daily maintenance is asking way too much of people, but once a week is fair game. Sunday: go into your closet/wardrobe/whatever. Rehang all the garments which have been un-hung. Fold any clothes that have been tossed around. Straighten. Inspect. Love. Repeat.

Longer-term maintenance: Decide on a schedule for revamping your closet’s organization. Perhaps once a month will feel appropriate, or twice a year. When that point comes, conduct a mini-version of the steps we have covered this week. You don’t have to take everything out, but look through the contents of your closet, piece by piece. Ask yourself whether an item is still worth keeping. Get rid of those that aren’t. And on.

I only promise you this: if you perform regular maintenance on the small and larger scale, you are far less likely to ever end up at the really bad stage where you need to perform an all-out Closet Week intervention.

Image credits: Miles ReddKvanum, Mark Burstyn photographyHouse and Home, House and Home



  1. Annie, that grey closet in the middle above is simply my idea of heaven!!!! I MUST get that into my life….loved this post this week.

  2. Just the inspiration I needed for a rainy Sunday… my messy (formerly organized) closet needs me!

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