Closet Week Day 4: Replace & Arrange

We have finally made it to the most anticipated point– putting the clothes back into the closet. While the exact arrangement will vary depending upon the design of your closet, I am going to offer you  some general guidelines for how to organize your clothing. It goes a little something like this:

Categorize your clothes

Distinguish between garment types, color, and sleeve or hem length.

Plan to hang as much as you can

It is far easier to hang something back up then it is to fold it, so hanging will enable organization more effectively. Hanging also saves on space.

Hang like with like

Your categories should all be hung together, so that you end up with sections of similar types of garments. If you need a short-sleeved blouse, you should know exactly what section to consult.

Prioritize location

It’s wise to rotate your closet seasonally. Since you won’t be wearing your winter coat in the middle of summer, you wouldn’t want it taking up precious closet space during that time either. Always give priority location to the current season’s duds, and store away (in whatever version works with your home) off-season clothes.

Make sure you always clean clothing before storing, as dirt, sweat, food stains and the like will attract bugs. You may also want to use silica gel packets to absorb moisture. For clothing that’s prone to wrinkling, fold with acid-free tissue paper, and store in an airtight storage container that’s clearly labeled.

Use matching hangers

I cannot stress this enough. Whatever type of hanger you end up using, make sure they are identical. It makes a huge difference visually. Just trust me.

The exception to this rule is when garments require specific kinds of hangers. For instance, a heavy blazer may need a stronger, wooden hanger. That’s allowed. Hangers, and clothing, should also face the same way.

Banish dry cleaning souvenirs for good

Wire hangers and dry cleaning plastic are forbidden in the enchanted closet. Wire hangers are detestable, and plastic traps moisture, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. Use proper garment bags instead.

Embrace the rainbow

If you have the patience for it, I highly suggest color coding your clothing. Doing so makes a big difference to the eye. It allows you to easily see what and locate what you have, and it honestly makes your own clothes feel a little more appealing.

– Give your clothes breathing room

There should be some extra space on closet racks. If clothes are packed in too tightly you won’t be able to see them or get to them easily. No good.

Fold the rest

Sweaters and skits should always be folded rather than hung to avoid stretching (find out more about organizing sweaters here). Very heavy garments, such as things that are beaded or ornamented, should be folded as well. Casual clothing like t-shirts and workout gear should be folded and placed on shelves or in drawers.

Pants in particular

Depending on your space, casual pants like jeans can either be hung or folded. If it’s the latter, you should still observe the rules above (read: like with like, embrace the rainbow, etc). Fold jeans in stacks no higher than 8-10 inches, and have a separate stack for styles like skinny, wide leg, etc.

If you’re hanging pants, pay attention to how you hang. If you want to avoid a crease, hang the pants flat. If you prefer a pleat, fold along the creases.

The small stuff

Handbag storage

Shoe storage

Jewelry storage

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