Closet Week Day 2: Designate & Distribute

Happy Wednesday my little tulips! We’ve reached the second step in Closet Week, hooray!

If you’re playing along then you should now have a lush giveaway pile from your initial sort yesterday. Today we’re going to tackle that pile by further designating each piece of clothing. Below is a guide for helping you to decide whether an item should be given to a charitable donation, given to a family member or friend, or sold. Make sure the items meet the criteria of each category before proceeding (read: the note about “trashing it”).

Once you’ve allocated clothes to their appropriate piles, its time to distribute. Below is a list of various charitable organizations that I think are pretty kick-ass.

In terms of selling, you may want to check out your local consignment or resale shops. Or, check out these nifty sites:

Wherever you decide to distribute your clothing, speed in the follow-through is key. No reason to let those piles sit around for ages, giving you plenty of time to renege. Be swift, my sweets, like tearing off a band-aid. The sooner you have that tax- deductible receipt or moolah in your hands, the sooner you can start feeling awesome and move on with your closet life.

Tomorrow the fun continues– we’re turning our attention to the clothing you’ve decided to save. See you here!

Image credit: InStyle Magazine



  1. Dying over this closet image…need to do a little work on mine…

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