Put A Lid On It: how to organize cookware covers

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about storing pots and pans, today we’re addressing their even more obnoxiously uncooperative counter point- the lids. These darned disks wouldn’t be so impossible to organize if it weren’t for the handy-dandy knobs jutting directly out of their center. Stacking lids is like trying to stack plates- with an egg balancing between each layer.

Now, I see why the great “they” saw the need for a knob, what with protecting your hands from getting scorched and such, but I mean, could they have manufactured a clumsier storage item?

What to do? Three ideas for you:

1. Purchase an actual lid rack (they do sell these things, guys). You can find lid racks in many different styles including wood and metal, and suited for either cabinet or cupboard shelves, or wall or door-mounting. If you decide on a horizontal model, I recommend a rack that slides out, which will provide you with maximum accessibility.

2. Rather than a conventional lid rack, you can feel like a rockstar diy-er by installing a towel rack on the back of a pantry door. The lid handles will act as stoppers, allowing the lids to rest perfectly on the bar.

3. If you’re pots, pans, and lids have been delegated to a drawer, then your best bet is a tension rod. Position the tension rid close enough to the drawer front that your lids will be forced to stay upright. This will also create a natural divider between pots and pans and the lids– dividers= easy organization.

Do you have any tricks of your own for keeping lids in order? Do tell!

Image credits: Real Simple, Good HousekeepingMartha Stewart, Real Simple



  1. ooo, some helpful ideas, luckily i don’t have many lids, just a small and a large that fit all our pots and pans, that’s helps the most!
    loving the blog by the way! x kat

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      That absolutely does! Paring down to the items you actually use and that are in good condition helps a great deal :) Thanks for reading!

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