Live Simply Loser: Multi-Tier Hanger

The promise: Creates more room in your closet by allowing you to hang multiple garments on one hanger!

The truth: In my mind, this product is a complete fail. It’s very construction obstructs its purpose. Closets aren’t meant to be like bakeries, and this thing is a total layer cake. Once its assembled, how can you reach in and easily extract just the French vanilla strawberry swirl cake jammed in on level two? YOU CAN’T.

Most people will never care enough to hang their clothes in an incredibly meticulous manner. In that case, you’ll end up with a jumbled mess of indistinguishable fabrics, but with the added bonus of having them hung at varying levels (Oh, cool!). Others, who will take care to use this hanger in the neatest way possible, will still end up being completely unable to see and access the majority of their clothing hung from it.

I have seen this hanger used in every way possible- to hang skirts, to hang pants, to hang shirts. In all cases, I’ve found that Mr. not-so-nifty-multi-tier disappoints, regardless of the garment choice. Or, I find that the hanger simply gets pushed all the way to the far side of the closet rack where it hangs there sad, unused, and feeling like the failure that it is.

What if I already own one? Some ideas for you:

1. Completely ignore the other tiers and treat it like a normal, civilized hanger by using it for a singular item of clothing.

2. If the hanger’s tiers are skinny enough, use it to hang your earrings from.

3. Use it as a drying rack for your lingerie.

4. Two words for you: ribbon storage.

The take-away: Nothing can be a truly successful organizing product if inherently inhibits visibility and accessibility. You have to be able to get to and see your clothes in order to wear them. Four hangers on one hanger just doesn’t equal four separate hangers.

If you really need to save on space, the velvet slimmies I love are super skinny as it is. Promise you won’t need this multi-tier nonsense after you install those.

Image credits: Bed Bath and BeyondOXOMartha Stewart, Home Made Simple



  1. Great images – so need to get a little more organized…needing the wrapping items!!

  2. that cake looks amazing! i want!

  3. So true! I’m always getting into trouble from my beloved friends and family because I never wrap gifts (can’t be bothered I say….terrible attitude for a stylist) however some ribbons like that would surely get me inspired!

  4. This is SO true!.. I have these hangers that I bought off a “home shopping channel”.. and they are more trouble than they are worth.. I don’t even use them anymore!

  5. I immediately hated these hangers when I purchased them years ago. I will repurpose them somehow.

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