Made From Scratch

If you have the opportunity to design your home from the get-go, consider adding these features, which will intrinsically help your space to be more organized and efficient.

A kitchen that changes flavor when you do

Because different methods of food preparation require different surfaces, install moveable pieces that can easily be shifted depending upon the cuisine. This cabinet on wheels slides out for easy access to its cutting board top.

The island in the kitchen below features a roll-out baking station for times when you require extra counter space.

Under stair storage

Because when you think about it, it seems utterly foolish not to capitalize on all that otherwise wasted space, add heaps of understairs storage capacity in the form of drawers or pull out shelves. Or, if you’re a vino enthusiast like the obliging lady pictured below, use the space for a pull-out wine rack.

Laundry in the closet

Because transporting the laundry is half the battle, outfit your master closet with a built-in washer and dryer unit. What transport?

Image credits: BHGMascheroni ConstructionCottage Living, Traditional Home, Southern Living, Deriba Furniture, This Old House



  1. Love the yellow kitchen with the pull out baking station!

  2. I love this post! I wanted to do storage beneath the stairs in my old townhouse but was never able to. Now I’m wanting to do something like the first photo in my kitchen! Happy weekend :) xo

  3. Those pull out benches for additional space are genius – you can never have enough bench space! And I love the idea of the laundry in the bedroom – it doesn’t looks so good, but practically it makes perfect sense xx

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