Handbag Storage Demystified

Now that you’ve organized the inside of your purse, it’s time to tackle handbag storage. Bear in mind that you’ll want to maintain optimum visibility and accessibility to your bags or they’ll never get worn, and you’ll want to choose the storage option that’s best suited to your particular closet space. A few tactics:

Shelf them

shelves are a no-fail option for medium and smaller-sized bags. Stack them upright side by side and you’re guaranteed to be able to see them all. Prop your purses up with shelf dividers or decorative bookends to ensure that your pretties stand up straight, rather than toppling over incessantly.

Cubby them

By now you well know that cubbies are a sure-thing for organizing most anything. Cubbies can serve as the perfect home for your hobos by helping them stay neatly upright.

Hook them

For finicky pocketbooks that turn their nose up at such commonplace storage methods as shelving, opt to suspend your satchels from S hooks:

Or dangle from shower rings:

The best of all worlds

If you’re one of the fortunate few with a closet built just for you, you may differentiate storage methods based on the bag. Give clutches and smaller purses the shelf treatment, while the larger, droopier sacks get hung. And everybody’s happy!

Bonus points:

– Empty handbags prior to storing them, or you may just end up with an ink bleed all over the supple lining of your Vuitton.

– If storing handbags in dust bags, be sure to label either the outside cover or the shelf to enable identification.

– Finally, you’ve all been told to stuff your bags with tissue or newspaper in order to retain their shape. For any of you who’ve heeded this advice, its meant the hassle of dealing with wads of paper every time you trade your tote. Until an ingenious tip a la Jeffrey Phillip, to stuff handbags with shoe bags that have been filled with crumpled newspaper. The shoe bags help the handbags maintain their shape, and grabbing a new pocketbook is always a breeze; all you have to do is remove the stuffed bag, the paper staying contained all the while.

Image credits: Lucky Mag, IKEA Hackers, O Magazine, Kelly WearstlerDecorpad, The SelbyThe SelbyKaboodle, Park-A-Purse Closet, Real Simple, Mary McDonaldBabble x2, unknown, Oprah



  1. these are simply genius tips. i just moved and am trying to get everything situated (purses tend to be the most difficult!). so wish you lived in miami :)

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      So happy you liked and found this useful Carolyn. Getting situated after a move can be incredibly overwhelming- totally understand- happy to help with any other organizing conundrums you may face in the process, even if I am far away :)

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