Purging Your Electronics and Appliances Packaging

How many of you are quietly hoarding an ever-growing collection of electronic and appliance packaging? By my experience, I’d say the majority of you are; packaging graveyards are a staple in almost all of the homes I visit. Lurking at the bottoms of pantries, stuffed away in the backs of closets, and strewn across the basement are piled decomposing camera, computer, and TV boxes, many of whom’s original inhabitants have long since died.

In a world where space is at a premium, it’s ridiculous to willingly devote whole areas of yours to electronics boxes. Here’s a helpful guide for how to handle packaging:

1. Boxes for appliances/ electronics which you no longer own- IMMEDIATELY RECYCLE.

2. Boxes for items whose return policy/ manufacturer’s warranty has expired- RECYCLE.

3. Boxes for items you will most likely own for more than 5 years- RECYCLE.

4. Boxes for things you currently own such as cell phone, laptop, etc- cut out the serial number/ bar code section. On the reverse side, write in a magic marker what item it belongs to. Store with your other owner’s manuals. Then, RECYCLE.

5. Boxes for items you use rarely, such as a KitchenAid Frozen Yogurt Maker- KEEP.

Storing such things in the original packaging will ensure safe storage.

6. Boxes for things you plan on reselling- KEEP.

Be real here.  You’re either a dedicated Ebay-er who always resells things or you’re not. If you are the former then its justifiable for you to hold onto the original packaging of items that are regularly upgraded like cell phones, laptops, and digital cameras. If you’re just saying, “Well I might resell that someday…” then you don’t qualify, sorry.

7. Boxes for TV’s- KEEP.

Television boxes are the only real warrantable packaging to hold on to. TV’s are not an easy item to accommodate in terms of packaging because of their size and shape. If you need to move and don’t have the original box, it can be very costly to find a box that will fit your TV. That makes it worth it to hold onto this guy.

Two other good reasons to purge your packaging:

1. Cardboard is a breeding ground for…bugs. Let’s just leave it at that.

2. Boxes are incredibly easy to obtain. If what’s preventing you from discarding is a fear about having to move one day and needing boxes, reassure yourself by calling up your local supermarket. Ask them if you can come and pick up the empty boxes from the day’s shipment. They will say yes. You will drive over and pick up the boxes. And maybe some ice cream while you’re at it. The end.

Image Credits: geekwith.com, dpreview.com, megzodrow.com, bigideas.com, muamat.com, unknown, Sunpack.com, Bang & OlefsonArmonia Decors



  1. my hubby is so so so bad about throwing out boxes. i’m going to share this post with him :)!

  2. livesimplybyannie says:

    You must! And then pry the boxes from his crazy tight grip :)

  3. I have my the box for my flat screen TV still. It bugs me sometimes b/c it’s so huge and I cant really break it down b/c all the foam mold thingys are in there but I keep it for the exact reason you said – It’s good to have for when I move…which I’ll be doing so soon!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. My husband does this! And I have no clue as to why! I’m constantly finding packing stuffed in the set of catch-all drawers he has or in the storage closet! I hate it! I purge these items a lot!

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      So many people do! Haha I love that you find it all the over the place, keep up the purging!!


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