The Lady’s Guide to Organizing Makeup

The purpose of a lady’s makeup kit is to beautify her. To perfect her already lovely face by way of a gentle dusting of a power, the soft sweep of a shadow. And yet as beautiful as each lady is when she leaves her house in the morning, she harbors a dark secret: her makeup is unsightly. Her brushes are dirty, her products are old, her powders are cracked- and she’s using these things on her face?! Now, I know, this lady could certainly never be you. But on the off-chance that you know her, let’s say, here are some pointers you can pass along for keeping her makeup organized.

Step 1. The lady will need to dump all her makeup items out of whatever container they’re currently in. Instruct her to lay a towel down, and spread out all the various products.

Step 2. The next step is to sort the makeup into categories. She should place all mascaras with mascaras, eye shadows with eye shadows, etc, so that she can see what she actually owns.

Step 3. She’ll have to have guts here: throw away any and all products that haven’t been used in the past 6-12 months, anything that’s broken, missing a top, or like totally last season. When she resists, which she likely will, remind her of the great amount of bacteria which accumulates on makeup products after they’ve far exceeded their expiration dates. This will give her the motivation she needs to eagerly utilize her trash can.

Step 4: What makes the cut should be further sorted. Instruct the lady that she should separate out the items she uses on a daily basis from special occasion makeup. Among the essentials should be: mascara, foundation, concealer, blush/bronzer, eyeliner, lip gloss/ lip stick, and their respective brushes.

Step 5: The lady must clean her brushes. She may use a brush cleaner, or simply some warm water and a little shampoo. Reshape the brushes, and then allow them to dry overnight.

The official decree from the higher powers that be of beauty is that this process should be repeated once a week or once every two weeks. Now, I, personally, don’t know any lady who has the kind of time or foresight needed to pull that off. I think that requiring the lady to clean her brushes every 2-3 months would not be an outrageous expectation.

Step 6. The makeup can now be placed into whatever receptacle the lady chooses, keeping in mind that everyday makeup should remain separated from specialty colors and products. This will prevent her from having to dig through her whole collection each morning.

She may like to keep the makeup used daily on the counter, while lesser used items may be stowed away with drawer dividers.

Alternatively, the entire makeup kit may be kept in a drawer, with the everyday products placed at the front, and the specialty items at the back of the drawer.

If she has many products by the same brand, the lady may want to keep her compacts upside down, so that she can easily read the label and find the color she wants.

She should also keep brushes upright or flat in order their maintain their shape.

Step 7: She should maintain her newfound makeup organization by regularly disposing and replacing items as needed, (liquid and cream foundation, concealer = 6-12 months, pressed power, blush, eye shadow = 1 year, mascara= 3 months, lip stick/ lip gloss, eye and lip pencil = 2 years) wiping clean the outside of compacts and the lining of whatever container she uses to hold her makeup every so often, and showing her brushes constant TLC.

A lady whose makeup is as beautifully kept as her face? Now that’s a real lady.

Image credits: Cupcakes and Cashmere,, Glitter Guide, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Delighted Mama, Sleep and WaterReal Simple, Hannah Blackmore,, Martha Stewart,, Wishes of a Rose, Into the Gloss, Into the Gloss



  1. Great post! I have a ridiculous amount of makeup and store everything by type, a drawer each for skincare, face products, eye products, lip products, and finally a drawer of back-up, unopened products and makeup bags. And I use a makeup sanitizer on older products to remove any bacteria buildup.

  2. Great post! I love organising my make up and always do this at least once a month – fully cleaning out where I store it because it gets a bit gross + then reorganising everything from scratch. I’m bookmarking all of your tips xx

  3. You are amazing. I really enjoy your blog.

  4. cute, love the way this was written.

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