Keeper of the Keys: How To Never Lose Your Keys Again

Here’s the scene: you’ve finally gotten yourself ready to leave the house after a few rushed moments of putting yourself together. You look good, or good enough, you have your phone, your glasses, your- oh, shit, where are your keys?? What then ensues is a frantic search for those small slivers of glimmering metal that are, quite literally, the keys to your freedom and independence. How many times have you found yourself acting this out? If you’re tired of the routine, then read on, my frazzled little bird.

As mentioned in an earlier post, one of the most important ingredients of an efficient entryway is a place to put your keys. Why? Because the way to avoid losing track of them is to always keep your keys in the exact same spot. It’s really that simple. With that in mind, here are a few key keepers to get your wheels turning:

So here’s what you do:

Step 1. appoint a key holder.

Step 2. Every time you come home, place your keys in their holder.

Step 3. Until this becomes a habit, tape up a giant sign in your entryway which reads something like, “PUT THE KEYS IN THEIR KEEPER, DUMMY,” just, you know, as an example.

Frantic search? Squashed!

Image Credits: Martha Stewart,,, Good Housekeeping, Pottery Barn,



  1. i’m obsessed with that first key keeper (such a brilliant idea!). but my favorite is the sign to put at the door, most likely for me to remember!! too cute: “PUT THE KEYS IN THEIR KEEPER, DUMMY”

  2. Love that last one! So pretty!

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