Just Shoe It: Organizing Your Shoe Collection

Lots of us claim that we love our shoes. That we love shoes in general. That we dream about them. That we would consider giving up a couple of toes if it meant owning the pairs we’ve lusted after forever. And then we throw them around in our closet like two stinking slabs of leather. Or we cram them into any available crevice. Or we relegate them to the lowest levels of our closet, where they can barely be seen much less admired. I say its time to give our tired old soles a break. Or at least a lovely home. So, here’s what you do:

First, gather together your entire shoe collection. Decide which pairs you no longer wish to keep. Any shoes which are noticeably worn, have never been worn, or are truly ugly should be expelled. Sort those that make the cut into categories: summer, formal, sneakers, slutty, etc. Then, based upon your closet set up and your personal preference, choose an organizational method that works for you. Here are some options:


Keep shoes in their original boxes, or purchase cardboard or acrylic boxes as a way to both organize and protect your favorite pairs. If you opt for cardboard, affix a label to the box with either a photo or description of what prize is contained inside. Get the best of both clear and cardboard (and spend a prettier penny) for specialty shoe boxes that have clear windows.

Open shelves

These allow for maximum visibility. As usual with shelves, make sure to place the pairs you wear most frequently on the most accessible shelves, and less commonly worn soles on highest or lowest shelves.

Shoe racks

These offer the obvious benefit of being space-efficient. I want to play it straight with you, and so I must admit these things aren’t my personal favorite. I find that shoes often fall off of racks, and the whole over-the-door look isn’t quite my cup of tea- a little too plasticky. However, if this is what you’re into, and you use your rack responsibly, then shoe racks still absolutely qualify as being organized, so way to be!


As mentioned in a previous post, I have a very deep fondness for cubbies as an excellent way to organize most anything, shoes being no exception. Cubbies will ensure that pairs stay together and are easily accessible.

Creative/ DIY

Of course, thinking outside of the box and finding a method that really suits you is still vitally important. If none of the methods above seem appropriate, then I encourage you to come up with one that is. Here are a couple of winners in my book from this category. 

Which method do you prefer?

Image Credits: (boxes- clockwise) Vogue, Real Simple, unknown, (shelves) unknown, The Coveteur, (racks) Apartment Therapy, Melanie Fascitelli, Lucky Magazine, (cubbies) The Coveteur, The Container Store, The Container Store, (DIY, left to right) Martha Stewart, homemadesimple.com



  1. I love shoes. When I move into my law school place come help me organize/love me? kgreatthanksbye

  2. We have a shoe issue! There are 2 of us in a studio (not too tiny, but definitely small) (plus a kitty!) and I currently have a big purple tub thing with a lid that most of my shoes are piled in and then the ones we wear regularly are lined up in a row in the hallway leading to the door. There is not really much space in the hallway for a rack and we don’t really have money to spend on something decent looking. I’m not a fan of plasticy door hanger organizers either, but I love that idea with the ladder! Although, that probably wouldn’t really help too much with my bf’s ginormous size 12 sneakers. lol your blog is really cute! will be back for sure : )

    Forever Fashionably Late


  1. […] For further ramblings on the subjects of shoes, feel free to peruse “Just Shoe It: Organizing Your Shoe Collection.” […]

  2. […] For further ramblings on the subjects of shoes, feel free to peruse “Just Shoe It: Organizing Your Shoe Collection.” […]

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