Live Simply: The Man Edition

Alright fellas, this post is just for you. Seems to me one of the chief obstacles keeping you from being orderly is your loose change. And it’s not entirely your fault. After all, we ladies get to tote around giant bags that can hold whole piggy banks, while you, poor deprived sir, are relegated to the strict and utterly non-spacious confines of The Wallet. So, with that being said, I hereby present you with a multitude of options for controlling and corralling your ever-growing collection of coins:

Find one that suits your style, the point being to have an object which is expressly for the purpose of holding your change. Once you have such an object I’m afraid that you must actually use it, rather than leaving little piles of pennies and dimes on every surface in your home.

Empty your pockets daily until the dish is filled. Gentleman, let’s be clear here, there is a clearly discernible point when an object is filled to capacity. Recognize this point, and act accordingly: when the dish is full, pour the contents into a larger vessle, such as a glass jar or a large Ziploc bag. Depending on how much change you accumulate each day, this transfer should probably happen once a week, or once every two weeks. When your large container is filled, rumble over to your local Coinstar machine and get yourself some green.

Now, you might ask me, “Annie, why wouldn’t I just put my change in the large container to begin with?” And I would answer, “Because my good man, the large container options are ugly, and that means we don’t display them on our dresser.” We both know, if its out of sight, it will certainly be out of mind. The small options, on the other hand, are certainly display-worthy, and being kept out, will constantly jog your memory.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can save up if you consciously manage your coins. If you heed my words, you’ll be on your way to purchasing that Ferrari in no time.

Product sources (clockwise): You The Man Change DishSeafoam green mustache dish, Heritage Snap Coin Tray, Billykirk + Ace Hotel Leather Change Tray, Big Head Coin Dish, Silverplate Golf Change Dish.



  1. Carolyn - A Beautiful Ripple Effect says:

    Love these ideas-perfect for my hubby, a coin hoarder :)!!

  2. My fiance could DEFINITELY use one of these! Wonderful idea, thank you!

  3. racheal pink says:

    great ideas! I find many struggle with this. I will be sure to pass this along to those who need

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