The Art of Creating A Killer Grocery List

I don’t know about you all, but I tend to do my shopping at the same couple of stores, and at every store there are items that I regularly purchase- same brand, same flavor, and so on.

With that in mind, here’s a tip to make your life just a little bit easier:

Instead of loitering in aisle 7 racking your brain for what brand of corn flakes your little Charlie prefers, make a grocery list. I’m not talking the kind where you scribble down some indecipherable Hieros on the back of a crumpled receipt. I’m talking about typing out a compiled list of the things you or your family buy on a consistent basis, the food and products you always like to keep stocked in the house.

Group these items by category for easy shopping; produce, cereal, frozen foods, condiments, beverages, cleaning supplies, household items, etc. Perhaps noting things like “frozen nuggets in the bright green bag,” will be helpful, or “navy spaghetti box high up on the shelf.” Any details that will jog your memory and make shopping a breeze are allowed. Leave some lines at the bottom to write in any specialty items you need.

Save the list before printing a copy to hang in the kitchen, and instruct everyone in the household to check off an item when it needs to be replaced. Bring the list with you for easy shopping.

Image Credits:, Martha Stewart



  1. jillian parker says:

    Its something that I always neglect to do, and envy the people I see with one! I know that it would make my shopping experience easier, but I always forget! Perhaps this was a sign for me!

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