Live Simply All-Star: Cubbies

Seems to me we had it right in Kindergarten, after all. Cubbies are an optimal solution for keeping things looking neat. These bad boys work for just about anything- shoes, clothes, kitchen accoutrements, binders, baskets, toys and more. Here’s why: shelves can seem expansive and overwhelming; How to stack? How to style? How to arrange on such vast domestic terrain?

The genius of cubbies is that they are contained. They ask us only to concentrate on one harmless square at a time. Yet each cubby feels like a little display case, which means cubbies inherently push us in the direction of making our knicknacks look nice.

See for yourself:


Image Credits: The Coveteur, The Container StorePottery Barn, x3,



  1. I couldn’t agree more… I love both the look of cubbies as well as the functional and organizational purposes they serve! xo

  2. erin gearin says:

    yes!! love it! much less overwhelming!


  1. […] mentioned in a previous post, I have a very deep fondness for cubbies as an excellent way to organize most anything, shoes being […]

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