Rinse Cycle; Synch Cycle

Laundry. To some the word represents all the hope and happiness in the world, an act full of possibility for fresh beginnings. For others, laundry is a word so vile that they would go to unfathomable lengths to avoid it; the Voldemort of housework, for these tortured souls, laundry is known most commonly as the “taskwhichshallnotbenamed.”

Here are some tips for both types:

The goal is to make the laundry process as simple as possible, so that the only thing standing between you and clean laundry is your actual will to press “start” on the washing machine. Separating clothing from the get-go is key. This is accomplished most easily if you have three laundry baskets– one for colors, one for whites, and one for dry cleaning.

Better still if the dry cleaning basket has a removable bag, thereby simplifying the transport process.

Fitness buffs or chronically over-sweaty people take note: very sweaty clothes thrown into a dirty laundry basket can make for a smelly hamper, an unpleasant soggy experience when handling the load, and even mold, depending on how long you wait to do the wash. Nix this grossness by making it a habit to hang wet garments on the edge of the basket, allowing them to air dry overnight. The next day, push the dried clothes into the basket, and replace with that day’s gear.

A few more items on my laundry list:

  • Make sure you have a place to hang-dry delicates.
  • Keep a small garbage can directly next to the dryer for immediate disposal of lint (unless you plan on collecting it to build a puppet or… whatever you would do with a whole bunch of lint).
  • Place a small dish of some kind by the washer as a place to collect random items pulled out of pockets pre-wash.

If you are a lover of laundry, then attending to it when necessary should be no problem. If you are a loather, however, I advise designating one day a week as Laundry Day. Make a commitment to uphold that most sacred day each week by running a load whether you feel like it or not. I promise you that the more you keep up with it, the less overwhelming a task it will seem.

Image Credits: Life123.com, Bhg.com, housetohomeblog.purehome.com, Martha Stewart, Bhg.com



  1. Let’s be laundry lovers together.

  2. helen king says:

    good suggestion with regard to those sweaty articles of clothing! I work out fairly regularly, and feel like I always have to wash them right away!

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