Cabinet Cure: Organizing the Medicine Cabinet

If your aspirin tablets have sprouted roots, your creams have congealed into jello, and your band-aids have pealed themselves out of their wrappers, it’s time to show your medicine cabinet some serious love. The good news is that this is a totally tackle-able organizing project. Allow me to break it down for you:

Start by taking everything out and evaluating the bathroom booty. Expired medications are first to go. For information on safe practices of medication disposal, you can refer to the FDA‘s guidelines. Ancient products should also be tossed. Pay special attention to the smell and appearance of these guys. Anything that smells off, or that’s turned a different color from the time you purchased it gets the heave ho. If you look closely, many cosmetics actually have a symbol printed on their label that says the number of months they last.

Now it’s time to decide what’s missing; it’s wise to keep products on-hand that treat fever and pain, cuts and burns, digestive problems, and allergies. When you feel your cabinet collection is well-rounded, group the items into categories that make sense to you: first aid, face and body, makeup, etc.

Wipe down the shelves before restocking. Place items used most frequently on the shelf easiest to reach, and allocate higher shelves for those things that are seldom-used, or that should be kept out of reach of little hands. Note that medications don’t belong in the club. Pills are fussy and don’t like humidity, which naturally our showers love.

Now comes the time when you stand back and admire the beauty you have created:

Image credits: Martha Stewart, Apartment Therapy, Real Simple, Eddie Ross, BHG


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