Live Simply All-Star: Slim, Velvet Hangers

Very often I find that people fall into the trap of getting so caught up in selecting and purchasing organizing products that they neglect the actual organizing. For this reason, I am very selective about the organizing products I promote. There is one area, however, where I readily advocate for a purchase and that, my friends, is the hanger.

I have never organized a closet without ordering my client to immediately go out and purchase a pack of velvet, slimline hangers. These simply are a must. Maximized space + no-slip surface + an impressive array of color choices = an A+ organizing product. These lush puppies will hold onto your pants, shirts, scarves, probably even socks, if you are in the habit of hanging them.

If you’re working with anything else, well, you’re just not really working it. I’m sorry to say that those white plastic hangers just look cheap, wood hangers are clunky and take up gobs of space, and wire hangers from the dry cleaners? Don’t even get me started.

There are several companies who now make their own version, making these hangers easier than easy to find. I suggest you trot right out to your nearest domestic merchandise store for a big ‘ole bundle.

Hang ’em high!

Image credits:, Honey and Fitz, Bed Bath and Beyond



  1. I had been wondering if they were really worth the investment; thanks for confirming my suspicions. Maybe I’ll make the switch soon!

  2. I have wooden hangers in my master closet and like some aspects about them. However, they do take up a lot of room. I’m going to check out these velvet ones for sure!

    • livesimplybyannie says:

      Wooden hangers are certainly good for some things, heavier articles of clothing especially, such as coats and jackets. For the majority of your clothes though I say go with these guys.

  3. I’m in total agreement. Love ’em and recommend them to everyone who wants to get their closet beautifully organized.

  4. Doniele Traurig says:

    I love these hangers!! they are the ONLY hangers that I now buy. It gives those articles of clothing that must be hung a cleaner and more elegant look!

  5. Great! you look so cute!

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