Stress-Less Desk: The Ways of An Organized Workspace

The latest issue of Shape Magazine offers another good reason to finally organize that messy desk. Says the mag, “research suggests that the act of sorting through the disorder may cause clusters of brain cells to work overtime, triggering a migraine.”  And then some doctor adds that “being surrounded by clutter can increase your stress level.” Duh.

With that in mind, I give you… The Organized Desk:

A well-organized desk is one that has been pared down to the office essentials. It has a place to put papers that haven’t yet been filed or are awaiting action, a place to put your computer and notebook, a holder for pens and pencils, and other office supplies, one decorative piece, and THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

Can’t you just feel your headache subsiding already?

image credits: x3,



  1. Beautiful spaces.

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